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The Oxford Shop Green Hills Nashville

The Oxford Shop has a rich history in Nashville that began in 1961 when our doors first opened on West End Avenue. After 18 years on West End, we relocated to Grace’s Plaza in Green Hills. Now, we’ve moved to 3830 Bedford Avenue in Bedford Commons in the heart of Green Hills.

Oxford Shop Nashville TN

We believe we’ve created an ideal upscale men’s clothing destination, unmatched in Nashville. The Oxford Shop has always carried fine clothing, but we thought it was time for our surroundings to reflect the quality of our merchandise. We’ve captured a unique feel that our customers have likened to a visit to Fifth Avenue in New York or Worth Avenue in Palm Beach.

Change doesn’t come without challenges. We strive daily to keep the shopping experience fresh for customers. As leaders in high-end retail, The Oxford Shop knows that to earn a repeat customer, there must be a compelling reason to come back. Our brand and distinct identity have been critical to retaining your loyalty and our vital leadership role in the industry. So we are proud to showcase an image that accompanies the timeless, quality merchandise Nashvillians expect.

We offer a wide variety of high-end clothing to complement any wardrobe – from chic casual wear by Peter Millar and Bills Khakis to the best in finely tailored suits by Samuelsohn and Burberry. At The Oxford Shop, you’ll experience a low pressure environment that gives you the freedom to browse and enjoy your time spent in our store. The Oxford Shop is proud to clothe some of Nashville’s most prominent business people, just as we have their fathers and grandfathers. It gives us great satisfaction to learn we’ve become a destination for people with an eye for men’s fashions, who are visiting from around the country.

The Oxford Shop is evidence that the days of having to travel out of town to find the best in men’s upscale fashions are over. The upscale men’s clothing business is competitive; the point of difference begins and ends with customer service. The business philosophy at The Oxford Shop is – take care of your customer. Period. Deliver a consistent, quality product, and always do what you say you’ll do. At The Oxford Shop, we “think outside the suit.” We look forward to your visit.

The Oxford Shop stays true to roots after 55 years. The Tennessean January 6, 2016

A fashion movement is growing in Nashville as designers plant roots and new retail stores open, bringing influences from the coasts.

But one Green Hills retailer is celebrating decades of success by sticking to its core business model: high-end men’s clothing with a strong focus on customer service.

For 55 years, The Oxford Shop has been dressing customers ranging from high school students in need of a suit for homecoming to well-established business professionals.

“We feel like everyone wants to be here now because Nashville has become so popular in the last few years, but for us, it has always been the kind of ‘it city,’ ” said Eric Viars, who owns the store with David Garris.

Dress shirts, suits and ties help fill the 2,100-square-foot space at 3830 Bedford Ave. just west of The Mall at Green Hills. Viars and Garris purchased the commercial space in 2007, relocating the store from a busier shopping center near Trader Joe’s in favor of easier customer access and ample parking.

The Oxford Shop went through several ownership transitions before Viars and Garris purchased it in 1993 from a Louisville, Ky.-based company.

“I decided at an early age this is what I wanted to do,” Viars said about his career in the retail industry.

Now, the duo are proud to call The Oxford Shop an independently owned store.

“We feel like being part of the community and driving here and sending your kids to school here and doing business with other locally owned businesses, it’s a big deal for us,” Viars said.

The store’s inventory reflects its Nashville roots. Despite the city’s evolving fashion scene, Viars said his customers are still interested in traditional and high-end men’s clothing.

“(Nashville) has always been kind of a Southern town with very traditional looks. That has evolved somewhat, I think, with the influx of people to Nashville, so it has gotten edgier, but I think it’s still, for the most part, very true to its roots,” Viars said.

The Oxford Shop’s main focus is made-to-measure shirts, pants, jackets and suits, led by master tailor Leo Alvarez. The store is an exclusive retailer for high-end menswear brand Samuelsohn. Some sportswear also is mixed in the store, including Peter Millar and Barbour brands.

Viars said the higher price points appeal to customers looking to invest in quality pieces.

“We truly look at what we sell as an investment in who you are and what you do. We just don’t take something and put a high price tag on it; there’s a certain level of craftsmanship and quality that comes along with it,” Viars said.

Like many independent retailers, The Oxford Shop had to weather hard times, particularly during the economic downturn when customers were tightening their wallets and as more consumers turn to online shopping for convenience. One challenge as a small-business owner is not having the same pricing leverage as chains and department stores that buy in bulk.

Viars said it is The Oxford Shop’s commitment to customer service that helps build a loyal client base — starting with customers as young as high school students.

“It’s all relationship driven with us. We know almost everyone who walks in the door. We know who they are, what they do, where they like to go,” Viars said.

As The Oxford Shop celebrates its 55th anniversary this year, Viars said he’s looking to move the business’s back office operations to a separate space because the store is at maximum capacity. He’s also working with a Web developer on a new website with the potential for an e-commerce component.

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